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More law schools use ofCourse for class scheduling than any other enterprise-class software solution.

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Why choose ofCourse for your law school?

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Purpose-built for law

ofCourse began at a law school--Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. Initially catering the system to a law environment is, in part, why ofCourse has become the most popular scheduling option among law schools today.

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Near-perfect schedules

It's impossible for humans to design ideal schedules by hand — there are too many variables. ofCourse makes millions of calculations to create near-perfect schedules.

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1L sectioning for first year students

Our platform allows you to attach cohort assignments to your first year curriculum. Our algorithm and collision management system then protects those placements to prevent any 1L section overlaps.

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Ready for COVID-19

We’ve optimized ofCourse for the possibility of reduced course or class capacities, online learning, and contingency schedules. Read about strategies to deal with coronavirus concerns.

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Keep your law professors happy

Law professors can be demanding. ofCourse collects their preferences electronically, then generates a fair, balanced schedule that keeps everyone’s needs in mind.

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A support team that knows law

Our academic support team has helped build hundreds of law school course schedules. We personally understand the challenges of course scheduling for law schools — and we're here to help you every step of the way.

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